Looking for the key to healthy looking skin?

Whenever it comes to beauty regimen, many people think of taking care of their face only. And that is why it's only the face that looks revitalized but not the entire body. So many companies bombard you today with the latest technology, chemical peels, and jars of youth to make your skin look younger longer. But the real key to keeping that fresh look could be as simple as exfoliating on a regular basis. One of the benefits to exfoliating skin is the fact that when the layer of dead... Full Post >

Cole and his Mom

It’s a pretty special thing when a 6 year old boy gets to walk his mom down the aisle, then dance with her at her wedding. What a future this young man will have! I wish this wonderful family all the very best. - Gilda Full Post >

New arrivals

Come by Haven Boutique to see the new arrivals in the Gianna Rose Atelier couture soaps. These decorative soap products will add beauty to your home and add a feeling of warmth and hospitality for your guests. Gianna Rose presents a triple-milled, vegetable-based soap that is as luxurious to use as it is to behold. They have also created a delightful animal themed decorative soaps that will bring enjoyment into your home, and make washing an entertaining event. What a wonderful idea to use... Full Post >

Bridal Showers at Fearrington!

There are so many parties to be had on the road to "I do,"one being the Bridal Shower. It's a time to cozy up with all of your favorite ladies and to cheers your way through good food and good drinks! Allow us to help you plan the shower around the Bride's personal style! One of my favorite spaces for a Bridal Shower at Fearrington is Galloway's  Private Dining Room in the Fearrington Granary. With hardwood floors,the room is framed by a beautiful floor to ceiling window overlooking... Full Post >

Prepare For Take Off

Ever questioned what would “elevate” your next meeting or event?  For those that are tired of the normal meet and greet or would like to add in a fun activity before dinner, we have an exciting offer!  Richard Parr from Mystic Ventures in Pittsboro owns and operates his own hot air balloon rides available in the local area.  Great for a special occasions or onsite events (he even offers a champagne flight for 2!), Richard can accommodate up to 3 people per ride and can go up either at... Full Post >

Wine of the Week [June 03-June 16] ROSÉ SPÉCIAL

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Regardless of the degree to which you identify with the term, whether you like to enjoy a glass every now and then, or, like me, play fantasy wine producer instead of fantasy football (I drafted winemaker Ernst Loosen and Donhhof's estate in the first league is full of n00bs...#candyfromababy), we here at The Goat would like to foster your love for the drink by offering two wines per week that we will showcase here in the blog, and have available... Full Post >

A Collaboration in the Name of Beer

A few years back I remember reading an article about a brewery that was opening up in Durham.  They were going to make beers with a "Plough to Pint" philosophy, and they were making beers like a Hickory Smoked Porter, that was made for Barbeque, and a Lager made out of sweet potatoes.  The name of the brewery was even better: Fullsteam.  I thought "I have got to meet these guys." Fast forward a year, and one afternoon I meet up with Sean Lilly Wilson to taste some of their beers.  Right... Full Post >