Romance is in the air!

Have you heard? OpenTable diners have voted the Fearrington House Restaurant as one of 100 most romantic restaurants in US! We are so excited! Full Post >

Why does the Goat dance?

Once upon a time in the land of Arabia, there lived a goat herder named Kaldi. Kaldi was a sober, responsible goat herder whose goats were also sober, if not responsible. One night, Kaldi's goats failed to come home, and in the morning he found them dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leafed shrub with red berries. Kaldi soon determined that the red berries caused the goats' eccentric behavior, and soon he was dancing too. Finally, a learned imam from a local monastery came by,... Full Post >

The Granary Welcomes New Artwork

The Fearrington Granary is excited to welcome local artist Shannon Bueker for a reception on Wednesday, January 23rd from 6-8p.m. This reception will kick off the Granary's presentation of Shannon's work, which will decorate the eatery through February. Come join us for the reception or stop by any time during February to see these beautiful paintings. "This group of paintings is from a series I think of as "Trees I Know." I paint trees more and more these days. I draw all the time and my... Full Post >

Smitten Kitchen Joins Us for Cooks & Books

We are thrilled Deb Perelman is, for a short while, leaving her now-famous New York apartment kitchen to have lunch with us Friday, February 22nd. Deb Perelman's success is many a food-blogger's wildest dream. In hardly any time at all, Smitten Kitchen hit the national bestseller lists, tea-kettle whistling its way up to the top of the cookbook charts, soon after publication and on many best-book lists, including Time magazine's Best Books of 2012. Our lunch with Deb is... Full Post >

The New Tranquility Massage

Have you ever felt like your massage session wasn’t long enough? Or, that you were finally relaxing into your treatment just as it was ending? Are you one of those who softly moan, “no!” when your therapist tells you the session is over? Yes, we’ve heard those moans and we understand. We also understand that not everyone can “let go” or relax at the same pace. Seeing this need, we’ve recently added a “2 Hour Tranquility Massage” to our spa menu. Each luxuriously therapeutic... Full Post >

Market Finds!

We are back from Market with a plethora of fabulous finds! Just in…this stunning chandelier that we could not wait to hang in Dovecote’s living room space! Crafted of rusted cast iron and tiers of 81 glass bottles, this piece is an absolute showstopper. I cannot tell you how much I love this fixture! Perfect for a world of settings from rustic contemporary to old world elegance. It measures 39 inches high by 29 inches wide -- dreamy. Be sure to check with us often as our purchases are... Full Post >

Stunning Shagreen Bracelets

For the ultra-chic on your shopping list....stunning shagreen bracelets in rich, saturated colors and neutrals. Handsome shagreen dimensional pyramids on a flexible lambskin-lined band with a magnetic closure for easy, comfortable wear. Beautiful worn alone, or stacked with an interesting collection. I want! - Daneen, Merchandising Manager Full Post >